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Teaching Practice

Top-up your TEFL qualification with assessed and internationally recognised teaching practice. Give yourself a head start in applying for jobs. Take your career a step further. Available only at Star-Tefl

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Online Courses

Star-Tefl and our team of experienced TEFL trainers are pleased to offer you the most complete, recognized and user friendly courses available online. Learn from the experts!

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Why Tefl?

Get paid to work abroad

Teach English Abroad in every corner of the globe and experience some of the most breathtaking places the world has to offer - your imagination is your limit with our Teach English as a Foreign Language courses.

Whether looking to take a gap year, looking for new experiences or just contemplating a career change then TEFL offers you the very real possibility of working 20 hours a week whilst living comfortably.

Fancy spending the morning on the beach, afternoon in class and the evening meeting new people?

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Why us?

With our vast experience of teaching English abroad and running UK TEFL courses, Star-Tefl provides the highest level of TEFL training at an affordable price.

We have walked in your shoes, we remember how it feels to be a 'newbie' walking into a classroom for the first time, a stranger in a new country, everything daunting. We have sat as a student of a Weekend TEFL course too nervous to get up the first time and we have stared at an online course for hours trying to fathom something that appears to be a completely different language.

We have drawn on this personal experience, together with all our knowledge and wisdom as trainers, and have designed industry recognised, user-friendly, premier courses in TEFL which were specifically designed with you in mind.

Our TEFL courses are fun, user friendly and as jargon free as possible! Don't just take our word for it, see our testimonials page to check out what other people have said about Star-Tefl and our premier Weekend TEFL courses , Online courses and our 4 week International TEFL courses.

Teach abroad

Teach english abroad


There are many opportunities to get out into the world and work in TEFL. First you are going to need TEFL training.

The simplest and cheapest option is to take advantage of one of our UK TEFL courses. With our 20hr Weekend TEFL course you will learn all the fundamentals of Teaching English Abroad in a fun and interactive format. With TEFL weekend courses run in more than 14 UK destinations, all you need to do is choose the most suitable location for you.

If you need flexibility and perhaps want more depth of knowledge, then the Online courses are a great choice. We have drawn on our experience and knowledge to have one of the most respected and industry recognised courses available. Many people decide to combine the TEFL weekend courses with the TEFL online course to give the complete balance of theory and practice whilst still keeping an eye on the budget.

Finally, the most recognised and complete option is the International 4 week TEFL course. This has all the benefits of the weekend TEFL course and the Online course but with an added 30 hour teaching practice with real students. All under the eye of one of your expert trainers ready to give feedback. It's very intensive and great fun and it allows you a taste of living abroad before you venture off into your first job.
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"I had a great time and learnt more than I had expected to in just 20 hours. The trainer gave me loads of help tips and the course gave me the confidence to believe I could do it. I've been out here in China for almost 6 months and I love it."

"I went out to Krakow for Star-Tefl's 4 week course. It was one of the best months of my life! Krakow is a great city and the course was very enjoyable. I was absolutely terrified giving practice lessons to real students, especially at first, but now I know I can go out and teach English because I have been doing it for the last 4 weeks."

Star-Tefl Perks

  • Experienced trainers - help you hit the ground running
  • Find a city near you - locations selected for your convenience
  • Industry recognised certificates - unlocks many jobs
  • Courses designed by experts - user friendly and practical
  • Bespoke services - courses to meet your needs and budget
  • Recruitment experts - Helping you find the job of your dreams
  • Practical TEFL - Tricks and tips to make teaching easier
  • Affordable prices - Offering premier training for everyone
  • Max of 12 in group - More teacher contact time


  • Native-like English language proficiency
  • Teaching experience not necessary
  • Must be willing to try new experiences
  • No knowledge of grammar expected
  • An open attitude to teaching is essential!
  • You do not need to speak another language
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