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Teach English Abroad with Reach To Teach!

Reach To Teach is a FREE ESL Teacher Placement Agency. We never take a percentage of your salary and there are no hidden fees. We have placed thousands of happy native English teachers in ESL teaching jobs and volunteer positions in destinations all over the world. Our extensive experience with placing teachers in government teaching programs and private language schools allows us to give simple answers to your questions and help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Locations: All across Taiwan including major cities like Taipei, Taichung, and Hsinchu

Interviewing: Now

Start Date: Year Round

Our website:


Apply with Reach To Teach for an English Teaching Job in Taiwan!

Ancient temples, modern bustling cities, speeding motorcycles, stinky tofu and beautiful coastal beaches are just a small part of the unique lifestyle you will find while teaching English in Taiwan. Taiwan is a country of contrast, where cutting edge modern conveniences belie the traditional culture which still remains strong today.

There are many opportunities for adventure to be found while teaching English in Taiwan. From discovering the chaotic city night markets, to hiking on Yangminshan to lounging on the beaches of Kenting, you will find there is plenty to explore. Reach To Teach currently works with a large number of reputable client schools offering ESL jobs teaching English in Taiwan. Your salary as an English teacher in Taiwan will be more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around Taiwan and to other countries in Asia!


Why Taiwan?

Here are just a handful of the benefits you can expect as a teacher in Taiwan:






Why teach ESL in Taiwan?

There are many excellent locations for ESL jobs in Asia. Many teachers choose to accept ESL jobs in Korea and China. Some choose to work in ESL jobs in Japan, Thailand or Vietnam. While there are many options, Taiwan is an increasingly popular choice for ESL teachers. Taiwan is a safe, well developed country, with a rich Chinese cultural history and provides great opportunities to save money. The above factors combined with support from Reach To Teach make Taiwan an attractive choice!


The Reach To Teach Community

Reach To Teach has a great community of English teachers in Taiwan. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving halfway across the world, you are not alone. With Reach To Teach teachers arriving each month, there will be many opportunities to meet new and interesting people. We have regular events with between 50-100 teachers in attendance. In the past year we have had happy hours, hike events, dinner parties, KTV events,  a paintball event and even white water rafting!


Apply now at Reach To Teach Recruiting -

(Reach To Teach does not charge any fee to teachers applying for positions.)


United Kingdom: 0203-286-9794

US & Canada: 201-467-4612

Australia: 2-8011-4516

For more information and additional vacancies worldwide visit:

Who We Are

Hello! ACI, is a professional North American-run business process outsourcing company based in New Hampshire, USA, with partners in Taipei, Shanghai and Singapore since 2002.

Looking for projects within the English education field and beyond?Contact us to find out more!

Convinced Asia (Taiwan, China, Singapore) and ACI are right for you?Register now!

What We Do for YOU

ACI's Global Support Infrastructure

ACI, as a US company will provide a central login for global use. You can register once and base on your desire location, we will have different team to support you to realize your dream in Asia.

Please find below for our different team contact:

US central contact:, located in Main street, Concord, NH 03301

Taiwan Team, located in Da'an District, Taipei:  Email:

China Team, located in Pudong, Shanghai: Email:

Singapore Team, located in Singapore: Email:

ACI's simple and yet not so simple mission

ACI takes pride in being an honest and no-nonsense consultants group. In different countries, our team will provide local support for you. We are committed to excellence by providing consultants with  ACI-managed projects, and by providing our clients with the best service.

We believe in a culture of diversity, collaboration, cooperation and respect, and we believe in promoting the best yet ethical practices across our organization.

See what our consultants and teachers say about us

"With the help of ACI, I had a wonderful (project) at a wonderful school in Kaohsiung, my first choice city, within two days of landing in Taiwan!" -Tracy, Kaohsiung

"...I realize my dream to come to Asia , Work and Fun in Taiwan" -Consultant Kate, Taipei 

"I join ACI and participate in  a wonderful service (project) in Singapore. I found my real career" -Consultant James, Singapore 


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