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Teaching Practice

Top-up your TEFL qualification with assessed and internationally recognised teaching practice. Give yourself a head start in applying for jobs. Take your career a step further. Available only at Star-Tefl

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Online Courses

Star-Tefl and our team of experienced TEFL trainers are pleased to offer you the most complete, recognized and user friendly courses available online. Learn from the experts!

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Online TEFL courses

At Star-Tefl we wanted to be able to offer our clients something different from the other TEFL providers,  something unique. That is why we have created one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly online courses.

We understand how the cost of living has increased. For this reason we have made our prices as competitive as possible. We especially understand how difficult life can be for students. That's why we are offering special discount of 50% for students on our selected courses. For more information please contact us quoting your NUS number.

Star-Tefl is all singing, all dancing, online TEFL course that gives the participant the knowledge and certificate that enables you to successfully find a job pretty much anywhere in the world. We have carefully crafted 140 hours of user-friendly material, 20 more hours than the official requirement to really give you an edge in the TEFL market and leave you feeling confident and ready to teach. We know what knowledge you need as well as what knowledge language schools will expect you to have and that is why, we have focused on designing a course that is relevant and at the same time gives away top tips from our experienced TEFL teachers!

Star-Tefl tutors can call on a minimum of 8 years experience to support and guide students. We know how overwhelming the new terminology can be when you first start the course so we have cut out as much jargon and unnecessary information as possible and presented the course using many everyday terms and real life examples.

Included in Star-Tefl's certified online course is:

140 hours of user-friendly course material

take advantage of our experienced tutors

email, chat and phone support available

electronic TEFL certification and letter of recommendation

tutor feedback on tests and projects

general knowledge of methodology and grammar making you a confident TEFL teacher

ideas and teaching tips from trainers who remember how it feels to be a new teacher

an introduction into your own teaching styles and student learning styles

information that is not only theoretical but practical

a guide to the best resources and materials!

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